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com Monday-Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm Hey Mark, I was wondering if you could refersh my memory on the changes in jetting needed vs the alcohol content on the summer vs winter blends. Methanol is injected continuously and intermittently. Apr 26, 2011 · Methanol Tuning APTuning have tested methanol fuel extensively over the last five years and have learned how to set up engines and carburetors for most engine applications. If you purchase a 12 month license you will automatically get an extra 2 months, this brings the license period up to 426 days instead of 365 days. 5% change in a Holley type Here is a helpful cross reference chart. In simple terms jetting your dirt bike's carburetor is determining the proper air-to-fuel ratio the engine receives. Super A, Super B ( 1 7/8") The are big differences between conventional thinking with gasoline and methanol. For practical purpose the specific heat of liquid methanol is constant with varying pressure up to critical point (240°C, 82. You will also need to know the diameter of the hole of your jet. you get 1 year of access to 3 fuel injection jetting calculators that will enable you to virtually jet Easily switch between your methanol-only and nitro setup. Can anyone suggest some jet sizes to start with for running methanol? Main jet, idle  Single Nozzle Jetting. Because of the 80 micro filter, anything small enough to pass through the filter will pass through the orifices. The Nitrous Jet Calculator will help you calculate Horse Power ratings for jets used in nitrous oxide systems. My goal was to see what jetting changes would be needed for E50 ish vs. carb now from what i can work out that gas to methonol burns at 2. Jet extensions are factory installed in the secondary metering block or main jet size, this chart will allow the tuner to return the carburetor to the original jetting. 310 FUEL Solenoid 8‐10 PSI Flowing fuel pressure ‐‐. 12 Jan 2014 Water/methanol injection is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You will use about 1. Bleed Hi Speed Bleed Description SL-1957E 1. All ProMeth water methanol injection systems/kits are warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the original date of purchase. Application. Holley jets range in size from 40 to 99, with the stock jet size differing based on the carburetor model and engine application. I don't know which one makes more power, though, when apples to apples are compared. com) + effective carb, but somewhat more complex. 10 ET and . Jun 30, 2016 · Methanol engines generally make more torque than a petrol engine and they also make more horsepower because of the cooling effect and the oxygen content. FCR flatslide keihin carb, with quickshot II. http://www. Barometer: in/Hg, Humidity (RH):, %. 002-990 Velocity Stacks Velocity stacks improve the air flow into the carburetors to Top End Performance has been your source for the best prices on brand name, top quality car parts since 1994. 312 1. That means the intake charge density is much higher. For me this was a 210Mainjet. com has a great selection of alcohol racing carburetors form the biggest and best carburetor brands in the industry. Steve Petty dynoed a 1000 rear wheel Hp vehicle and increased the jetting 15% and the car made 1080 to the tire. The following is nothing more than a technique, procedure, steps or whatever you want to call it to help identify and isolate the carburetor circuit involved. The calculator below can be used to estimate the specific heat of liquid methanol at constant volum(C V) or constant pressure(C P) and at given temperature. PDF file for printing: Download. PRO-CALC can calculate up to 4 nozzles per cylinder. Our commitment to providing the best parts at the best prices is topped only by our dedication to providing the very best service to our clients. When you add percentages of nitro, things suddenly get more complex. This is usually the jet size in inches. 5:1 for gas). Using the calculator for the blended mixture the AF max lean should be 13. In fact, many race engines run as rich as 3. Check out our powerful online jetting calculator or bookmark one of over 400 running methanol or nitro fuel, try out Pro Calc for accurate setup and tuning. 2 times the amount to gas. 015 main seems a little large per other recommendations I've searched and pilot seems kinda small. 6 with the O2 set for Gas A/F readings. for a start point. 5:1, without affecting power. 70 and a lb/gal of 6. WHAT JETTING CHANGES ARE REQUIRED FOR Q16? Generally on a CAN M3 OR M5 BE USED WITH A METHANOL INJECTION KIT? I'd use regular  E85 is not corrosive like methanol and does not leave carbon deposits like Generally speaking one jet size represents a 4. 075" diameter Apr 19, 2013 · Something else worth noting is the fact that all alcohols have oxygen molecules, this is what makes the fuel run so lean compared to gasoline , given the same jetting. In the photo to the left you  The lower the Air Density (smaller numerically) the leaner your jetting needs to WEATHER INSTRUMENTS - To utilize the Weather Calculator program you must have a tracks and is compatible for use with either gasoline or methanol fuel. If you don't know fuel  NOTE: This carburetor was calibrated using consistently blended methanol fuel. re: jetting for methanol « Reply #20 on: March 09, 2008, 07:25:48 PM » i run methenol in both my elsinores it cost me $220 for a 44 gallon drum i run it at 30:1 with castrol m. The WOT air/fuel also improved the leaner primary jetting to 12. Apr 24, 2004 · Jetting a carburetor is one of the few "black arts" in the automotive world that is still a mystery to most racers and tuners. Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $10 off $299+, $20 off $599+, $30 off $799+, $100 off $1,599 Orders - Promo Code: DADSDAY exclusions apply Jun 17, 2020 · A simple Ron’s mechanical fuel injection with correct fuel pump size and jetting runs well with methanol AFR of around 5 to 1. would be aprox aprox 176 jet. A typical fuel system consisting of an electric fuel pump will see less pressure at WOT than idle, so again; emulsion is necessary in the correct package for any given combination. This fuel seems to be very friendly in jetting. (2) Nitro has more oxygen for hotter combustion, so more fuel is needed. Or scroll down to see HTML Jetting Chart. Clip. Correct height can be found on the chart. Request a Catalog · Summit Racing  20. The DVL-2700 nozzles disperse the alcohol/water mixture into the smallest droplets possible at any system pressure above 40psi and produce a fog-like mist. 030 over 291 steel heads that have been worked, . E85 cost the same or less then regular unleaded gasoline, methanol cost $4. 59 lbs/gal = 84. . It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or tuner to decide what nozzle or  30 Jun 2016 Why is methanol the favoured middle ground when it comes to high humidity and barometric pressure) and provides the correct main jet the  28 Jul 2015 For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: If you are blending gasoline with methanol, the jetting increase  2 Oct 2018 In racing, however, running a rich methanol mixture instead of a All AFR values were determined with an MFI jetting calculator staged for the  Results 1 - 25 of 2000 More, Request a Catalog, Summit Racing Credit Card · Gift Cards · Calculators & Tools. When you have a familiar engine setup and always race with methanol, that task can become tried and true. An ideal accelerator-pump shot is just enough to maximize acceleration. KRS-005 for RS38 and RS40 Order No. The problem is both cars pick up over . Holley 4 Barrel Carburater Information List Numbers and Stock Jetting. Charles, Missouri Nov 10, 2011 · Firstly, jet it for gas, test run, then increase ALL your jet sizes by 2. This calculator will show you the requirement at WOT, or at the maximum RPM entered, if your Engine is capable of turning 8000 RPM but you shift at 5800 then use the shift point not the max RPM Big Stall Convertors, huge gears and very light cars are not part of the Calculation and a competent Carburetor Professional should be consulted. Soest. AS. Warning: The nozzle selection guide is just that A guide. + a multitude of jetting possibilities exist with the availability of the needle jets, as well as the mains and pilots (sudco. carburetor-body gasket surface. Of course, you'd be crazy to to all that work on a stock engine to get a lousy 5%, so you'll want to shave the head to bump your compression ratio into Nitrous Outlet is the ultimate source of everything Nitrous! Our inventory includes thousands of nitrous systems, parts, accessories, dedicated fuel systems, for every application. theres more to running than just changing jets, you have to get a lot of things right or it will cost you. 1. 00 - $5. The pump is reversible – so if the dowel pin in the front cover is on the side that says 150 it is a Belt Drive pump, if not, then take the cover off, remove the pin, (can be a bitch) and move it to the hole on the opposite side of the pump. When you test the methanol jetting be sure to make several passes before you settle on a particular main jet size and power jet setting, it will take a few passes for the engine to come up to operating temperature, if it doesn’t detonate on the first run it may do so on the third or fourth so proceed methodically. noxxles & jetting with pro-calc We have an online calculator: Pro-Calc. If fuel consisting of 25% petrol and 75% methanol is used, jet sizes should all be increased by 30  12 Apr 2016 Holley Carb Main Jet Tuning Change How To Tutorial Overview http://www. 91 Methanol Calculators Injector Flow Calculator Injector HP/KW Rating Calculator Injector Flow VS Fuel Pressure Calculator Sep 17, 2014 · The reason why the manufacturer installs a 55 main jet is due to the restriction caused by the stock exhaust and air box. 06 60 foot during a race day into the night. One of the things we noticed over the years is the lack of information concerning Holley List numbers and the specifications for individual carburetors and their stock jetting. We offer Alcohol Injection Kits, Water Injection Systems, Water  Alcohol Mechanical Fuel Injection Calculator. Installing jets of different sizes helps increase/decrease the fuel/air ration depending on what your bike requires. These settings should be OK for MY SYSTEMS ONLY! (Due to types of solenoid, the actual Jet positions) - They MAY be OK for other systems as well, but please be careful! All engines and setups will vary a little from these settings for optimum performance The density of methanol and gas differs by ~10%, that's why I choose 2. Methanol (wood alcohol) is produced through a chemical process. A guide. i haven't tested the winter blends yet, but i know the summer blend i had was 83% when you were at the Union race Less ignition timing was needed for methanol, however, spark advance in racing is usually greater for methanol than for gasoline. Gasoline – . OR S&S Carburetor Jetting Guide. Part No. Volumetric efficiency, gear ratio, compression ratio, valve size and lift, weight of car, convertor stall and other factors may vary the carburetor sizing so before you make your selection always contact us for and speak to a reliable carburetor professional who is familiar with Quick Fuel air flows and the various types and series of Corporate Nitrous Express and Snow Performance 5411 Seymour Hwy Wichita Falls, TX 76310 Lambda was computed for the previous example of a blown methanol racing engine running mechanical fuel injection (MFI) as follows: Actual AFR = 3. This enables you to get the most power out of your mechanical fuel injection engine in a repeatable manner. will eventually cause erosion of the wheel – think water jet machining. 5-1 comp. Fuel Temp : Degree F. 16 bara / 464°F, 1192 psia). 2. E85. It is heavier than gasoline or methanol by a good margin, so it does require some different configurations for air bleeds and emulsion. Out of the box jetting should be close for most applications. Additionally, our online  ACT's liquid jet impingement technology is developed for applications that have coefficients of water, methanol and HFE-7000 jet impingement, respectively. 500 degrees on the headers at a 1500 rpm idle and overall 1050-1150 peak EGT on methanol at Wide open peak. Nozzle Selection Guide. Using a barrel valve assembly the idle and  24 Mar 2011 Water/Methanol Injection and Nitrous Oxide - Aquamist jet Question Ok I tried to use the calculator and I figure im in the 800-1000cc range. 8 times the amount of methanol than you will from gasoline. Aug 15, 2014 · Going to post this in another location for more ideas. 35 for E85 for the mainjet. 65 E85 – . ) To get to the stoichiometric ratio for station pump fuel with a 10-percent ethanol mix requires a jet area increase is necessary, as shown in Figure 13. 19 Jun 2018 This variable flow creates pressure against the fixed orifices of the main bypass jet and the nozzles. I have nearly quadrupled the amount of jetting the calculator said I could use and the car has never run stronger. PRO-CALC is for both normally aspirated & supercharged engines. Holley manufactures each carburetor with a set of jets that Tuning with methanol vs nitro. Mar 16, 2018 · However the BTU (heat) content of methanol is roughly half that of gasoline, which means you have to burn twice as much to make the same heat. 60 to . we have a race comming up at the family arena in St Charles on the 29 & 30th at the arena cross show, and have to run the winter blends. 5:1 KTM 450sx-f. Most tuners still look at the spark plug, the exhaust port, and the Clean, smooth acceleration happens when all components of the carburetor are clean and tuned properly. It prevents the formation of hydrates, mainly in offshore sources, and lowers the freezing point of water  Once you drill the main jet to a size that gives you a good plug reading you can use the chart below to determine what size the jet is. Mikuni Methanol Conversion Kit The Mikuni Methanol Kit includes all the necessary components, such as main jets, jet needles, needle jets, o-rings, needle valves, etc. 5:1. For Holley, QuickFuel, Proform, and Demon carburetors. PRO-CALC can determine jetting with or without a high speed bypass. Quick Jetting Guide: 100% water target 8-10% of fuel flow 50/50 mix target 15–20 % of fuel flow 100% methanol target 20–25% of fuel flow. 28 Feb 2011 It will calculate jetting and nozzles in mechanical fuel injection engines in the pits or staging lanes for weather or tuning adjustments. 187 FUEL Solenoid Air Density Meters & Fuel Mixture Tuning . Before changing any jetting parts, check the carburetor floats for correct height. Dual nozzle jetting by fuel pressure (All makes and models ). 5. ) The removable screw-in 80 micron filter allows for easy cleaning, and the nozzles are nickel-plated to protect from methanol and increase their life. This jetting chart is for informational purposes only, NX is not responsible for misuse or misapplication! Single Entry Crossbar Plate Systems 8‐10PSI Flowing fuel pressure‐‐. KRS-  Typically the idle speed is the only adjustment needed however this short reference guide is intended to explain the correct method to set-up your new AED   Our online jetting calculator, ProCalc, provides jetting calculations for mechanical fuel injected engines racing methanol, gas or nitro. PRO-CALC calculates nozzles and jetting for mechanical fuel injection for engines from 1 to 8 cylinders. Right now I'm mixing 110 race fuel and 93 at 50/50 as per my engine Well, the calculator doesn't figure horsepower exactly, but if you run straight alcohol, the "pounds per hour" figure that the calculator spits out is pretty much a horsepower figure. Have been on the phone with APD, last go around they suggested throwing out the fuel log and go direct to the carb ports, did that, same results, the carb is ok at 6000, which is pretty common here, when it throws out a slow number, not much or hardy any changes in humidity, we watch it pretty close, last weekend 3 rounds in the dead heat in the afternoon, same numbers, @ 6-7pm air is starting Methanol is tricky in two strokes, jetting will change with conditions on the day (temperature, altitude etc) i know of a sidecar racer (ex aussie champ on MX & Dirt Track) who had the brilliant Ray Fisher set his KX500 power Dirt track chair up on Methanol (or "fuel" as the old boys call it) it took a lot of development time and lots of lunched engines, in the end Ray put a thermostat from an Jul 28, 2015 · (For methanol, the ratio is 6. Note: This is only a rough estimator of carb sizing. You will have to know what the air density is for your current jetting that is correct for your tune. 8 to 1 are power reducers in high boost applications. 3 for methanol's estimated stoichiometric ratio compared to gas - that is a bit generous to account for the density difference. If your stock main jet is a 100 (stock size in a 22mm Mikuni) you will find this jet size falls between the #62 & #60 drill bit. Also…at 18gph you run through a LOT of water / methanol so I also upgraded to AIS’s top notch 3gallon trunk mount tank (pics coming soon) which adds a sexy clean look to the entire setup! Nov 26, 2018 · Hilborn 150A and 150B Fuel pumps: These pumps are between 40 and 50 years old – Most do not flow correctly. Indy cars prior to 2006 used methanol, converted for a short time to E98 and now run E85. SERIES PRIMARY SECONDARY THROTTLE BORE Booster Style Booster Size Prim Jet Sec Jet Idle Bleed Inter. 00 a gallon. Stoichiometric AFR for methanol = 6. More. These 2 volumes are the backyard mechanics guide to the basics you need to know to make your  CB Performance has Weber Carburetor Kits, Jetting Chart, Replacement Parts for Weber Carbs, Rebuild Kits, Update Kits. jegs. If the calculator says your optimal setup is burning 784 pounds per hour of methanol, you are making about 780 horsepower. Figure 13. camaro with a 427 bbc . Drag News Magazine is the place to go 'down under' for all the news, photos, video and race reports from the Australian drag racing scene. We could not tune any leaner without creating an off-idle stumble and part-throttle lean-surge condition because of the cam. Over 1200 is too hot, so use a smaller pill in the main or a smaller pill in the boost referenced valve, or larger power nozzles part # 7007. car Carburetion, Induction, Nitrous - Methanol Dominator jetting/ EGT Tuning help - I have a 2880 lb. ProCalc uses engineering principles such as air/fuel ratio in order to calculate the best jetting for your current environment. com/p/Holley/Holley-Main-Jets/743724/10002/-1 All main jets  Jetting and Tuning Downdraft and Sidedraft Weber Carbs. Running the correct ratio of fuel and air makes your dirt bike run optimally. Racing carburetor modification company located in St. Carbureted Plate Jetting. pdf. DevilsOwn micro droplet nozzles are a wall design nozzle, meaning there are threads on the front and back of the nozzle. The first thing we do is match the stock main jet to its corresponding numbered drill bit. 4412 NEW>> Stock appearing kit--for 2-barrel 350 and 500 carbs--includes stock appearing metering block, 2 jets, 1 power valve, 1 high-flow needle & seat, 1 accel nozzle, and 1 50cc E85 pump diaphragm or 30cc diaphragm by request. The multiplier turned out to be 1. The jetting in your carburetor should fall within the ranges indicated within the chart. Measure the height from the bottom of the float to the Throttle Opening. so if the rough jet sizing for a gas carb is say 80 jet so would it be correct to say than when using methonol carb. If you are using a 'wet' setup, you can calculate what the Fuel Jet size is by filling out the nitrous pressure and fuel pressure fields for a given Nitrous Jet. CID: cubic inches, VE: %. I recommend you jet up 10 to 12% to start and then you can back down from there. Pretty much everything on the intake system needs to be much larger to get the most out of methanol. First off at this very second I can't tell you what jets are in the carb. 562 (1-9/16) Straight 140 66 74 73/33 31 600 CFM 4 BBL Elect. It was developed using information supplied to us by Snow Performance . If memory serves, based on stoichiometric ratios, Methanol requires something on the order of 200% jet size (~5 to 6:1 vs 12-12. Assassin Plate Systems. Now refer to the Rod/Jet Reference Chart that appears on the opposing page. RE: Ignition timing for Methanol vs Gasoline bentwings1 (Mechanical) 10 Apr 07 13:42 I ran alcohol FC for a long time years ago and use Pat's method also. 22 for E54 and 1. 98 gph. Jetting Chart. 59. Mar 28, 2017 · Alky stock Animal So I bought this animal and just making sure it's gonna be ready in a month or so. The following is a list of tips that every methanol fuel user should be aware of. Control air to fuel ratio low speed, air to fuel ratio high speed, fuel split hat to port, fuel distribution, fuel pressure max, fuel pressure to open high speed poppet, adjustment for weather, and nozzle & jetting selections from your inventory. 051 and the pilot is . Thoughts?? What type of carburetor are you looking for? 2-Barrel; 4-Barrel; Gasoline; Methanol; E-85 Mar 26, 2020 · You can expect approx. 5 to 1 Methanol Nozzle Calculator. 157 N2O Solenoid /. (1) Nitro weighs more than methanol, so more fuel is needed. RSSOS. 2, than go up a couple of sizes with the mains, test again,,if it feels right flog it for a mile, do a plug chop, then look at the heat discoloring of the plug threads,,safe is 1 1/2 to 2 threads,,3 threads is the danger zone. 6 gives you the details. Sep 01, 2017 · Remember, if you are running E85 or Methanol be sure to use those BSFC values in your formula as well as the appropriate lb/gal conversion value for your chosen fuel. For rich alcohol mixtures, ignition delay is increased. 4. Follow the steps below to select the correct nozzle(s) for your application. Methanol is also more corrosive than ethanol, which is why ethanol is a better choice for street-driven engines. Mixture enrichment is common for racing alcohol fuels. 75 Holley jet is around . com methanol nozzle calculator. Dellorto Carburettor Tuning Guide double the flow rate. To calculate peak fuel consumption for an 800 hp E-85 engine we can use a BSFC of . When checking the float height, the float should be resting, but not depressing, the spring-loaded float valve pin. If you are not proficient in jetting   23 Feb 2013 I'm looking at running a Mikuni TM32 on my M/F 100cc bike. These simple changes improved the fuel mileage by over 30 percent. PWK, PJ, PE). 093 N2O Solenoid /. i have a barry grant 750 methonol. Mikuni RS Methanol Kit. Due to the on-going COVID-19 crisis we would like to offer an extended license period for any licenses purchased from the 31st March 2020 until the 31st March 2021. JETTING: Getting the most out of your scooter For whatever reason it becomes necessary to re-jet a carburetor, it is without a doubt a nightmare if you do not have a procedure to follow. Methanol fuel is generally harder to set up for than gasoline, therefore CT recommend its use for experienced tuners only. 4412 Stock Block . 84 to . 3 threads on the plugs was the rule. These are the jetting recommendations for S&S carburetors for various engine sizes. All E85 kits come with parts,gaskets and instructions. Welcome to the Promracing. 4 to 1 (weight of air & fuel computed with MFI jetting calculator for the ‘best-run’ setup of the blower / fuel system combo). It was developed using information supplied to us by Snow Performance. Final O2 readings were 12-12. 710 roller cam,was told 13. autolite. He reduced the jetting to 7% and the car went 1079 to the tire. All Keihin carburetors are pre-jetted for bolt- . The right sized jets, needle positions, and float settings will ensure there is no fumbling or flat spots from idle all the way to wide open throttle. PRO-CALC NOZZLE & JETTING ANALYSIS CAPABILITIES. Methanol blended fuel should not be used in your Edelbrock Performer Series  #6004 - Hydrometer, most pump gas and straight methanol (alcohol), Using the table below, go up or down on jet size to get the same total % change as  DevilsOwn Alcohol Injection is the Best source for your Methanol/Water Injection System needs. This Jet Size Calculator will give you the size of the jet you need for a different weather condition. Also…at 18gph you run through a LOT of water / methanol so I also upgraded to AIS’s top notch 3gallon trunk mount tank (pics coming soon) which adds a sexy clean look to the entire setup! JDR Performance, LLC Marshfield, MO 65706 417-859-2353 info@jdrperformance. 70 = 560 lbs/hr 560 lbs/hr / 6. Nov 23, 2014 · Air to fuel ratio control such as what is described throughout our publications & jetting calculator is a good method to achieve that proper fuel amount and to maintain it. com - Alcohol Circle Track Carburetors If you are looking for more horsepower from your race car, PitStopUSA. per my pin gauges the main jet is . Air Temp : Degree F. Carburetors are calibrated at 70° at sea level. Naturally aspirated/high compression engines: Water/Methanol injection allows the use of pump fuel in all but the most extreme situations which effects  Do not let your E85 or methanol-powered car sit for extended periods of time. 45:1. com/pdf/ RacingCrossRef. If you are blending gasoline with methanol, the jetting increase needed is greater. to convert your RS38 or RS40 to methanol. Jun 22, 2015 · methanol has awesome cooling capabilities runs cooler, supersedan, sprintcar, speedcar no fan is needed, it dose not have the typical explosion in the chamber as uldp, pulp, there is heaps to do for friction reduction not going to name every single one as that is the R&D side of engine building, not releasing my engine building tricks, every engine reacts to fuels differently to another, So Alcohol and gas jetting on 1050 Dominators I am thinking my jetting is may be too rich on 2 different combinations and just want an opinion if I should leave well enough alone. Jetting Your Slide Valve Carburetors. This yields about a 5-10% power increase overall. It is probably a bit richer than needed, especially considered most alky tunes are a bit rich to start with, but it's better to start off rich and JETTING MAIN JETS: Due to varied applications that a universal performance carburetor will work with, a few tips on jetting are provided to help you understand their urpose. By its nature methanol is more corrosive and provides 35% less energy then E85 so you have to burn 35% more of it to make comparable power. The size of the jets within your Holley carburetor will control the flow of fuel from the fuel bowl to the combustion chamber. (make sure the plug(s) are new before doing this. You can set up blown or normally aspirated engines. ” To take advantage of the power increases methanol can offer, it does require a much higher volume fuel system. 56 gears. It restricts the engine to produce its full potential and therefore requires a lower air to fuel ratio. JEGS is the source for performance parts with Same Day Shipping. As I recall from my kart racing days , all the meth guys used racing castor, burned twice as much fuel to make 50% more power, and blew up a lot (perfect jetting was critical). Why air density should concern a tuner: For maximum engine performance you need the correct air to fuel ratio, we all know this! Unfortunately it is often overlooked the effect that temperature, pressure and humidity have in determining the amount of oxygen available in the air, therefore the amount of fuel needed to maintain our target Alcohol Circle Track Carburetors PitStopUSA. This is an 8% tuning window. Feb 05, 2015 · Methanol on the other hand, can go as rich as 4:1, which is about 62 percent of its stoichiometric value of 6. I would expect AFRs with numbers much less than 2. you will be wise to leave a few hp on the table by keeping that final 2 degrees of  Calibration Chart ( for FCR, CRS, _-). 800 hp x . Nitrogen - Density and Specific Weight - Online calculator, figures and tables showing density and specific weight of nitrogen, N 2, at temperatures ranging from -175 to 1325 °C (-280 to 2400 °F) at atmospheric and higher pressure - Imperial and SI Units Warranty & Conditions: ProMeth is a company built on providing high quality water methanol injection products. As a result, usually more ignition timing is needed. Items 17 - 43 All the jetting components necessary to allow the use of methanol fuel with RS38 and RS40mm carburetors. The basics of engine tuning involve finding the right ratio of fuel mixed with air to get the right amount of power out of your engine. I have a high compression 15:1-15. 02 and rich max The brass main jets are easy to drill so you can get by with one of these inexpensive drill bit sets. methanol jetting calculator

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